Holographic Alien Nail Art Vinyl Sheet Nail Stickers


Holographic Alien Nail Stickers For Nail Art. Vinyl Stickers. Small Size.

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Holographic Alien Shiny Vinyl Stickers for Nail Art and Nails

Available in High Shine and High Reflective Silver Holographic Vinyl.

Can be used as a sticker or a stencil.


Nail Sticker Size Range: 0.5cm – 1.3cm

Quantity On Sheet: 79 Individual Stickers

Sheet Size: Approximately 11.5cm x 17.5cm


Nail Application Instructions:

  1. Paint Nail Base Color.
  2. Apply Top Coat Before Placement for Ease of Application.
  3. Apply to Clean Freshly Painted Nail.
  4. Paint 2-3 Clear Top Coats Over Nail Vinyl and Nail to Seal the Sticker In.


IMPORTANT NOTE: Certain nail polish top coats can turn Holographic effect to white. For best results use a specialty topper made for Holo such as Holo Taco’s Glossy Taco.

Additional information

Weight 0.024 kg
Dimensions 23 × 18 × 1 cm


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